Sunday, September 28, 2008

OpenGL ES 1.1 on iPhone 2.1

Familiarity with OpenGl ES is required to make games on the iphone at the moment. OpenGL ES, since it is intended for mobile devices lacks many of the useful OpenGL libraries like Glut. So you are basically left iterating over large NSMutableArrays to draw instead of the simpler glut geometric object helper methods like glSolidSpehere. This has a serious effect on productivity....

It is currently impossible to test openGL iPhone apps right now despite what you might read here or here. Both the google-toolbox-for-mac google code project and rbiphonetest ruby gem are intended for regular cocoa applications only and admittedly suffer from limitations of which of the apple frameworks you can have imported into your projects .

  • [There may be]... significant differences between your available Mac-based frameworks, such as Cocoa, and the iPhone-based frameworks, such as UIKit. We need to compare the framework names, header files and method signatures.

    So for example, you cannot currently unit test any class that depends on/includes the UIKit framework. Why? It doesn’t exist on your Mac, so the Mac/Intel compiler cannot link it in. We’re compiling and running our tests with RubyCocoa, which itself is built against the Mac/Intel frameworks, not the iPhone frameworks....

I'm not sure how dependable any code can be without unit tests....

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  1. Has the state of things changed since your post? I am working on an iPhone game and would very much like to unit test it.